2016 - Dylan

"That night was magical, there was this community of people who stepped in and made freedom, independence, and dignity a possibility for Dylan. No words could ever express my gratitude for each and every person that in some way made it possible. I am forever indebted to you all! My heart is full, a weight has been lifted, and the future seems brighter."

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2015 - Jax

Our 2015 Fall Concert Series brought the Road Hammers to MKT Craft Beer Market in Edmonton. A wild night for those that remember, and it brought with it the ability for us to help a very special young man. Jax, has faced many medical challenges in his life. His medical conditions and limited mobility has never stopped him from being a generous, loving and strong person. His willingness to persevere and his courage is something to be admired. At age 2 he was diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss in both of his ears which requires him to wear hearing aids and depend on lip reading in order to communicate. He learned sign language at an early age and has used it during his elementary school years. He is able to communicate verbally and tries very hard to annunciate clearly so that the persons he is speaking with can understand him. While Jax was a toddler his walking seemed to be a little “off” as he would walk slightly pigeon toed and bounced off of his toes. He would still get around and would often fall but in true Jax fashion, he always got back up. We staring visiting a team of doctors at the Stollery and after many tests and seeing different specialists it was determined that Jax was diagnosed with spastic paraplegia. This disease is a tightness in the lower limbs which causes his legs to not function properly. This is a disease that gradually progresses and gets worse. As Jax grew older and taller, walking became more difficult for him. Through massive industry participation in tickets sales and our famous live auction we were able to provide Jax with his independence.

2014 - Rob Forster Foundation

The Summer Concert Series that started it all featured country music artist Tim Hicks, and energy sectors leaders fund-raised for The Rob Forster Foundation through the live auction by Gerry Meyer.


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Fall Concert Series

For the past four years, Prostar Well Service, an Alberta energy company, has hosted an annual Fall Concert Series; a charitable event that focuses on a selected individual and their family during their time of need. The idea was spawned by President and owner, Terry Bendera, who established the Prostar Foundation, which encourages energy sector leaders to come together within an industry they are proud of.

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